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S-Stone Farms DBE Spellbound (Bounder)
SOLD. I have put an electric wire around his pen and no more problems. He caught on to that quickly. Bounder is growing and looking good. He is Red roan and white. He is long and long legged. I am hoping he will add some height to his offspring. He is in rut right now. He is gentle though. He is also a jumper. I do not have hot wire and would sell him to someone that does. He is really well bred and his first kids were very nice. I have several bred to him for next spring kids. If you are interested contact me. He came from Paula Butler and I would like to find him a herd on test or that shows. I think as he ages and fills out the jumping will stop.

SOLD Amberwood Triumph's Victory N1460234 4/7/08
SOLD. I got Victory after losing Jedi Knight. I loved his pedigree despite his ears. He also toes out on his front feet, although I only got one kid with it. His kids were nice, with nice ears. They are all his color except a couple who had spots. Would consider selling him. He is a very mellow, docile buck and easy to handle. Very friendly. Call if interested.

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