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We are a small farm in Northwest Tennessee. We raise Purebred Nubians for milk and show. We are also members of ADGA and the Volunteer State Goat Breeders Association. We are enjoying being a member of the online community as well. Please browse through our farm and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Leslie and Roy Sensing

Current news at Hagler Farm

Last Update 10/24/16
You can email me at lesliesensing54@gmail.com. I still have several bucklings available all born in April. Sire is TLC-Farms KV Spirit in the Sky. They are nice kids. Dams are CH Rosie, New Moon, Olwen and CH Bianca.


Boy am I behind. I have several bucklings available all born in April. Sire is TLC-Farms KV Spirit in the Sky. They are nice kids. Dams are CH Rosie, Evenstar, New Moon, Show Girl and CH Bianca.

Got a start on getting this back up to date. I will keep working on it. Keep checking back.

Bella had twin bucks Friday, February 8. She and her bucklings are at their new home and I hope they are doing well.

Show Girl had her babies by Spellbound on Feb. 9. She had 2 bucks and one doe that is staying. Nothing is available.

Then CH Vanner (who was massively huge) just had twins by Spellbound. Both bucks. But pretty ones. Both are doing well. Nothing available.

CH Tabitha kidded March 2 with twin bucks out of Spellbound. They are big, nice kids. They are bays with white ears, crowns and side splashed. One had dark legs, the other is lighter underneath. One is left for sale. Nice dairy buck.

Then Bianca is due March 4, Safron and Prima Donna are due March 5. Deb is due March 6. And Spellbound, on another escape, may have bred Ciara. She is looking like she is bred.

Well, Prima Donna had a buck and doe late March 5. Deb kidded March 6 with triplets, 2 girls and 1 boy. Bianca freshened March 7 around noon with a buck and doe, but the buck did not make it. Then her full sister had a single buckling around 5 p.m. Followed by Safron who had 2 big spotted kids, buck and doe, then followed by a tiny little red and white doeling. All are well.

Edina kidded on Dec. 29, 2012 with twin bucks out of Spellbound. Nothing is available (grin).

I want to thank all who bought goats from me last year. I really appreciate your business. I hope you are happy with your animals and will return in the future to buy more! Thank you once again.

2012 KIDS
Deb blessed us with a buck and doe in Feb. Doe is staying and the buck is sold.
Vanner had 2 bucks by Shady born March 16, Both are black and both are spotted. Right now the spots are dark brown. Nothing available.
Fiona surprised me with a single black with rust trim doeling. She may be for sale. She is a big kid.
Bianca had twin bucks, one solid black the other is black with white ears, nose, crown, throat and little place on side. They are very nice with beautiful ears. Both are for sale.
Tabitha had twin bucks. One solid black and the other is a beautiful black roan with white crown, frost ears and nose and light rust trim
Safron had a single buck. He is a handsome guy. He is out of Spellbound and colored much like him. He is a flashy boy. I have kept 2 bucks out of Safron to use on my own herd. So this boy should be good. He is for sale.
Arwin had a single solid black doeling. She is cute as can be. She may be for sale.

I am so woefully behind. I do have several does bred, although I started later than usual.
Deb/Double Up (Kidded 2/20 with buck and doe. Buck available)
Vanner/Shady bred 10/17
Gypsy/Shady bred 10/24
Bianca/Shady bred 10/25
Serena/Spellbound bred 11/14
Evenstar/Spellbound bred 11/24
Safron/Spellbound bred 11/30
Rosie/Spellbound bred 12/3
Arwin/Shady bred 12/13
Edina/Shady bred 12/17

I am now making goats milk soap. I have been using goat milk soap for sometime now, but, since I have so much milk have decided to make my own.
If anyone would want to give it a try most bars are 3 1/2-4 ounces and will cost $3.50 a bar. Or 3 bars for $9. All the bars are made with Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil. Some have Shea Butter, Castor or Sweet Almond oil and, of course, goats milk. I am still learning, but the soap seems to be coming out good. Right now I have:
Blackberry & Sage
Pink Grapefruit w/Patchouli
Sunkissed Currants
Fresh Ginger Lime
Enchanted Forest
See a listing for them on my Gallery page, at the bottom. All information is there.

I have had a fantastic show season. Got a letter from ADGA that Tabitha is now a permanent champion. Then came one for Stoli an first freshener. I have finished 3 this year. I am so proud of them.
That now makes 11 champion does in the barn. I showed mostly young does this year, looks like it will be that way next year, too!
Please check out my does. I am working on my planned upcoming breedings.

The kids have been leaving like hotcakes! Thank you to all who have bought goats from me so far this year! I hope you are truly happy with them. Well I had a surprise with Fiona (dam to Safron and Arwin), who had triplets June 15 out of Amberwood Triumph's Victory, 2 bucks and one doeling. To see what I have for sale please see the barn and check out Fiona (2 bucks), Vanner (2 bucks).

Amberwood Triumph's Victory 4/7/2008
He will be used on several younger does this year. He is very dairy and sharp. He has an extreme arch to his nose, just beautiful. He could be larger, but I think that will come. He is leggy. I was pleased with his kids and will use him again.

Please see the three goat head art I have for sale. They are listed on my Gallery page. One is of Bobby that I did back in the early 70's. Another is a drawing I did in 2007 just called Goat Head 2007 and the other is a print of a watercolor done by a wonderful neighbor, Eleanor Baker. It is called Edina. Please check them out.


Gypsy was grand. Hopefully this time she will be finished. She should have been last year.
Fiona was reserve grand.
Tabitha, 2 yr. old FF was 1st.
Gypsy was first in the 3 & 4 year old class.
Fiona was first in the aged doe class.
All my kids did well. I had three April kids in a large class. Rosie was first, Elizabeth was third and Patia was fourth.
Serena was first in the March kid class. My only entry.
I had two February kids who placed first (Sabrina) and 2nd (Bianca).
Fame was first in the dry yearling class and Vanner was second.
Serena was grand champion junior doe and Rosie was reserve grand.

Maxey was grand and Best in Show!
Fiona was reserve grand even though she is dry. She is quite a doe.
Rosie, an April kid was reserve grand.
All my kids did well.

WOW, what a show. Our girls did excellent!
Tabitha, 2 yr. old first freshener was 3rd. (Her littermate sister was 1st and reserve grand.)
Maxey, 4 yr. old was 1st, Grand Champion
(This finished her!!)
Gypsy, 4 yr. old, 2nd
In champion challenge Arwin was 1st, Maxey 2nd, Safron 3rd and Fiona (dry) was 4th.
We also had 1st in Produce of dam, dam & daughter and dairy herd.
Then Arwin was named Best Senior Doe in Show!!
Our juniors did just as well.
Our April kids were: Rosie 1st, Elizabeth 3rd, Patia 4th
March kid Serena was 1st.
Our senior kids were: Bianca 1st, Sabrina 2nd
Dry yearlings: Show Girl was 1st, Fame was 2nd
Hot Dog get was 1st
Breeder's Trio was 1st.
Show Girl was named grand champion and Rosie was reserve.

I still have some nice kids for sale. Both does and bucks. These are nice kids. Please check them out on the for sale page.

CH Safron 5 yr. old VEEE 92
Ch Arwin 4 yr. old EEEE 92
CH Deb    4 yr. old EEVE 90
Maxey    4 yr. old EEVE 91
Gypsy    4 yr. old EEEE 92
Tabitha   2 yr. old (FF) EEVV 89
I am so proud of my girls.
We lost Glacier on Feb.22 a week after she kidded. We still do not know what happened for sure. Her kids are doing fine. We sure do miss her. She was my first AI baby. She and her sister, Aspen, both finished their permanent championships. Thankfully I have daughters to carry on her line.

Gypsy was grand champion her first 2 shows out this year. She was a pending champion, or so we thought. Due to problems with the paperwork she did not get her leg. Please be vigilant in checking over the paperwork at a show. It appears that now, not only are we held responsible for our goats information being correct, but the rest of the form also. In my goats instance, it was apparent what the mistake was and that she should get a leg. But, the committee, wanting to make an example out of the judge, show secretary and exhibitors, did not allow any legs.

Pru was reserve grand behind her both times.

Deb was grand champion in Wilson County recently, while having been judged best udder of breed. She was again named grand champion at the Mid-South Fair and BOB. She was grand there last year. I got the letter from ADGA and Deb is a permanent champion now!

CH Safron has been Best of Breed twice so far this year.

My kids have done well also.


Show season went very well this season. We had grand at every show we attended and often grand and reserve. Fiona was GCH 3 out of 3 shows. She finished her championship. She is really looking good this year after being uneven last year. At the Mid-South Fair she won BOB over Deb, her half sister, who was grand champion.
Safron, Fiona's daughter, also finished her championship this summer. She just got better as the summer went along. She was first in her class at every show and reserve to her mother more than once.
Pru was first or second at every show a a yearling milker. At one show she was third. She is doing and growing well.
Maxey was almost always first in her class, except one. She is really looking good. She improved as the summer went along in milk production.
Deb, who is a little to fat, still showed very well. She placed 2nd behind Maxey at most shows except for the last one. At the Mid-South Fair she was named grand champion.


Our goat club sponsored a one-day milk test in 2007. Unfortunately it was only a week after we held at judges training conference in Lebanon, TN. So no ones goats were milking well. They had been shown for two days pretty solid. It was hot. Lots of members did not do the milk test because of this. But, still 2 of mine and 3 of a friend's does got their stars. I had 3 just miss it, Madelain, Fiona, Safron. But, Edina and Arwin got theirs. They are now GCH does. I am so proud of them!

Last year was tough on our older animals. We lost Kirby the cat at age 17 last winter. Then we lost Jack, the very old beagle in July. In August Domino, age 15 1/2, who had slowed way down and could not hear well was run over. Dec. 28, 2006 Anna, our beloved Pyrenees passed away. She was going on 15 years old and was a wonderful dog. She took very good care of all her charges and will be sorely missed. This year we had to put down our oldest doe, Cascade, due to a bad kidding of quads that damaged nerves that would not heal. I miss the old girl who actually did not look or act her age.


We have had a great show season so far.
Many grand, reserve grands in seniors and juniors at all the shows. Our milking yearling, Arwin, has finished her championship. She was 2nd place, 2nd udder at this year's NAILE in Louisville.She is a Foxwood Phantom's Jedi Knight daughter.
Edina was grand in 2 rings at the 2006 Music City Goat Festival and reserve on Sunday. Darling was grand, BOB, and BDIS on Sunday of the same show. This finished Edina.
Magda was reserve to Edina in the 2 rings on Saturday. Samantha (Magda/Magic Man) was reserve in 1 ring in junior does behind a lovely yearling of Paul Fox. She was 4 weeks old. On Sunday Gypsy was grand junior doe with Deb reserve behind her. A great weekend.


We are very excited about showing at the Mid-South Fair this year. 8-year-old Madelain was named GCH, BOB and BDIS! And to top that off Fiona was RGCH right behind her. The in the junior doe show Jocasta was named GCH. I could have fell over. All the girls did well and we almost swept the group classes. Beside Madelain and Fiona in the senior does, Edina and Magda were 4th and 5th, Darling was 4th, (Edina and Darling have larger teats that he did not like and Magda was uneven) But, 8-year-old Cloud was shown dry and was 3rd behind Madelain and there were several in the class. CH Glacier was second to Madelain in champion challenge. There were four challengers. The junior does did well also. Gypsy, an April kid was second (the only time she has not been first); the February kids placed 1st, 3rd and 6th. They were Arwin, Deb and Maxey.


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