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In here you will find a sampling of the Nubians that live here on Hagler Farm. Please select the animal that you wish to take a look at for more information.
Infinity HM Show Girl 2/29/08
CH Infinity SS/F Safron 2/19/04 5-03 VEEE 92
Infinity MM Olive 1/31/07
CH Infinity MM Tabitha 2/19/07 2-03 EEVV 89
CH Infinity DDU Bianca 2/10/09 VEVE 88
New Moon 2/11/11
CH Infinity ADU Rosie
CH Infinity GK Vanner 5/1/08
Hagler RS Olwen
Infinity ADU Evenstar

Foxwood NL Sugar 5/9/15
Infinity VSS Eclipse 2/11/15

Infinity SMM Double Up
TLC-Farms KV Spirit In The Sky
Foxwood Stellar's Stryker 7/21/14

Reference Animals
CH Hagler S/H Glacier 8-08 EEVE 90 1/31/1998 reference
CH Hagler G. Maxey 2/27/05 4-03 EEVE 91 (sold)
*B Foxwood PM Rising Sun, reference
CH Hagler STI's Mountain Brook 3/9/95, reference
CH Infinity A/MM Gypsy 4/16/05 (sold)
CH Kriscross Dixie Dana 5-04 89 (VVEE) 1/9/1992, reference
CH Kriscross Mountain Laurel 5-04 89 (VEEV) 1/10/1992, reference
CH Kriscross Style's Heather, reference
CH The Infinity Adelaide Madelain 3/19/97 9-05 EVEV90
Hagler D/A Darling 5-05 VVEV 89 3/26/01
Hagler K/H Cloud 4/24/97
Hagler STI's Cascade 3/11/96, reference
Hagler Style's Aurora 3/26/96
GCH *M Infinity Flynn's Edina 3-05 EEEV 90 3/5/03
CH Infinity Calista's Fiona 4-05 EEEE 90 3/6/2002
Serena 3/29/09 (sold)
CH Infinity C/K Deb 2/22/05 4-03 EEVE 90
*B Kismet Smooth Too's Imitator, reference
Foxwood Phantom's Jedi Knight 2/25/03
Goldthwaite Magic Man 4/10/04, reference
S-Stone Farms DBE Spellbound (Bounder)
Kriscross Lovebranch Patch, reference
Pride-Of-The-Farm OSO Donavan, reference buck
GCH *M Infinity F/K Arwin 2/3/05 4-03 EEEE 92
Infinity M/MM Samantha 4/10/06 (reference)
Ch Stoli 2/13/09
*B Risin' Creek Hot Diggidee Dog
Ages Ago Acres Back In Black N1546726 (Shady)
SOLD Amberwood Triumph's Victory N1460234 4/7/08
Ciara 2/20/12

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